IRC Welcomes UN Resolution to Provide Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

The International Rescue Committee has welcomed the UN Security Council resolution to provide humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in the face of sanctions on the Taliban regime.

David Miliband, President and CEO of the IRC, said: “The Security Council’s decision to introduce a humanitarian exception to sanctions on the Taliban is a critical step that will support humanitarian actors like the IRC to scale up and deliver lifesaving services to Afghans in need without fearing legal repercussions. “

The UN Security Council on Wednesday adopted a resolution to facilitate the flow of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan as the country teeters on the brink of a humanitarian crisis.

The resolution, approved unanimously on December 22, says the “payment of funds, other financial assets or economic resources, and the provision of goods and services necessary to ensure the timely delivery of such assistance or to support such activities are permitted.”

But Miliband argued that more needs to be done urgently to alleviate suffering and avoid economic collapse in Afghanistan.

Miliband has warned that 9 million people in Afghanistan are marching toward famine and Afghan families are bracing for an extremely tough winter. 

“While this move will enable an essential increase in humanitarian aid, this alone is not sufficient to stave off economic collapse and humanitarian unraveling,” Miliband said.

According to Miliband the suspension of foreign development aid flows to Afghanistan, which previously propped up 75 percent of all government spending, has wiped out the government’s ability to pay public servants and deliver desperately needed public services, including basic healthcare, to millions of Afghans.

At the same time the freezing of Afghanistan’s financial assets and suspension of its International Monetary Fund (IMF) support has sent the Afghan economy into a tailspin, severely limiting the government’s ability to pay for basic goods such as medicines, fuel and food, IRC said in a statement. 

The statement lamented that Afghan families are taking to the streets to sell all their belongings just to get enough cash to buy food.

“Young girls forced to marry to bring income into their family and children showing up in our clinics severely malnourished and on the brink of starvation,” the statement added.

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