Iran Warns Israel’s Dimona Nuclear Facility is First Target If War Breaks Out

Iran’s Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Gen. Mohammad Bagheri warned that they will attack Israel’s key Dimona nuclear facility first if war breaks out between the two countries.

Bagheri claimed that his country knew how to use multiple routes and firing options to quash Israel’s anti-missile system.

Bagheri’s warning came two days after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) had wrapped up a series of large-scale military maneuvers culminating in multiple strikes on a mockup model of the Israeli nuclear facility with ballistic missiles.

“It was not a show per se. It was a complete simulation of reality, in which the site will be entirely blown up. These exercises were designed to respond to threats made in recent days by the Zionist regime,” Bagheri added.

Bagheri warned that sixteen missiles fired during the drills are among hundreds of Iranian missiles capable of destroying a country that dared to attack Iran.

Recently, a retired Israeli General, Yitzhk Brik said his country’s military is not prepared for multi-front war.

Brik warned that the most terrifying scenario, pro-Iran groups in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq, as well as Hamas in the Gaza Strip, will launch missiles and drones at Israel, so that the average number of missiles fired at the regime will reach 3,000 a day.

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