Iran Launches Satellite Into Space

The government of Iran claimed on Thursday it has launched a rocket with a satellite carrier bearing three devices into space.

“The satellite-carrying Simorgh rocket successfully launched three devices into space,” Iranian Defense Ministry Spokesperson told Tasnim, a state news agency.

“For the first time, three devices were launched simultaneously to a distance of 470 kilometers (292 miles) at a speed of 7,350 meters per second,” the spokesperson added.

This comes as Iran in the past years faced a series of setbacks in its space program, and it is also unclear if any object entered orbit around the Earth this time.  

The launch came at a time when the foreign ministers of Britain, France, Germany, and the United States discussed Iran’s nuclear deal and the latest developments of Vienna talks.

The German Foreign Ministry on Thursday said they discussed a wide range of international developments including Iran and JCPOA.

In the eighth round of Vienna talks, all sides emphasized the need to continue talks until a final agreement is reached to revive the 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Russia’s Chief Negotiator, Mikhail Ulyanov in a tweet message soon after the meeting said that all the participants welcomed the positive trend and practical atmosphere of the ongoing talks.

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