Intel Launches New AI Chips to Challenge Nvidia

Intel on Tuesday launched a new chip for artificial intelligence computing as part of a bigger push into the AI chip market currently dominated by Nvidia.

Intel introduced the second-generation processor Gaudi2 made by Habana Labs, an Israeli AI chip startup Intel acquired in 2019. It also launched the new Greco processor for predictive AI.

“Gaudi2 can help Intel customers train increasingly large and complex deep learning workloads with speed and efficiency, and we’re anticipating the inference efficiencies that Greco will bring,” said Sandra Rivera, head of Intel’s data center and AI group.

Investments have recently surged for AI computing as it has been one of the fastest-growing areas for data centers. Intel’s entry to the market could challenge its dominant player Nvidia.

Intel claimed that the Gaudi2 processor “demonstrates two-times throughput over Nvidia’s A100 GPU.”

Rivera said that Intel intends to “invest and innovate to lead this market,” adding that the firm will focus on software development to outpace competitors.

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