Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung Volcano Erupts, Spewing Ash

Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano has erupted, launching clouds of hot ash up to five kilometers (3.1 miles) into the sky.

The latest explosion is the largest eruption from Mount Sinabung since last August, with vulcanologists having recorded 13 separate blasts.

No casualties have been confirmed, but locals have been warned to stay at least three kilometers away from the crater.

Armen Putra, an official at the Sinabung monitoring post, said villages were outside of the red zone and therefore not in immediate danger.

Indonesia is located on “the ring of fire,” a highly active seismic zone where different parts of Earth’s crust meet to create volcanoes. Mount Sinabung is just one of the nearly 130 active volcanoes located in Indonesia.

Prior to an eruption in 2010 that killed two people, Mount Sinabung had been dormant for centuries.

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