India Tests New Missiles On Disputed Border with China

India test-fired its newly acquired US-made weaponry along its border with China in what is seen as a warning to Beijing after border talks between the two neighbors broke down recently.

India’s defense ministry announced on Oct. 27 that it has successfully launched the country’s longest range missile, the Agni-5. The missile can reach up to 3,125 miles and is believed to be capable of striking nearly all of China.

Security experts said that the test-firing was India’s way of showing China that it has the firepower to retaliate should tensions between the two countries escalate.

China claims the Tawang Plateau that adjoins Bhutan and Tibet, which India controls, and is the center of disputes between the two countries. A war was fought over the same area in 1962.

India had also slammed in the past few days a new legislation from China that calls for its military to “combat any acts” that will undermine their territorial claims. Critics maintained that the law will be used to justify China’s troop incursions in areas along the border currently controlled by India.

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