How ‘And Just Like That’ Brings Samantha Back

The latest episode of And Just Like That demonstrates that the Sex and the City spinoff isn’t giving up on Samantha Jones.

Carrie (Kristin Davis) finds she needs surgery to fix a hip condition in Thursday’s “Tragically Hip,” with Charlotte (Kristin Davis) agreeing to supervise her post-operative care. After being discharged from the hospital, the two return to Carrie’s, where she tapes the most recent episode of her podcast with Che Diaz (Sara Ramrez) and Jackie Nee (Bobby Lee) while still heavily sedated.

“Tragically Hip” writer Samantha Irby stated that having Samantha on the show will allow her to examine how the nature of some friendships changes with age.

Irby also said on the New York carpet that she tried to incorporate a potty joke into the program in a separate scenario, though it was still tied to Carrie’s hip surgery escapades. 

The nature of Carrie’s hospital visit, as well as Charlotte’s helpful assistance in using the restroom, indicate that this would have been the time — if Irby had been successful.

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