Hong Kong Government Accuses The Economist Magazine of Bias

Hong Kong’s government has accused the Economist magazine of being biased after publishing an article about the city’s recent Legislative Council election.

The Economist article detailed how the Dec. 19 city election was vetted so only “patriots” could run for office which lead to victories for Pro-Beijing candidates despite the low turnout. 

“If anything was ‘rigged’ it was the deliberately distorted image of Hong Kong that has been manipulated from the dark side of one’s personal internal bias,” said Hong Kong Chief Secretary John Lee on the article. 

Aside from the Economist, the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg were also accused of misleading readers about the situation in Hong Kong while local papers such as Apple Daily have been forced to shut down.

“It’s hard to believe today that until only recently Hong Kong was the place that journalists at foreign media went to if they wanted to report more freely on China. It’s devastating,” said Jemimah Steinfeld, a China expert at the London-based Index on Censorship.

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