Hezbollah Says Saudi Arabia Must Not Interfere In Lebanon Affairs

The head of the Executive Assembly of Hezbollah, Hashem Safieddine said that Saudi Arabia must not interfere in Lebanon’s internal affairs.

Addressing a gathering in the capital city Beirut, Safideddine called on the Saudi authorities to stop what he described as “hegemony” on the people of Lebanon, and also put an end to its blatant interference in their affairs. Safideddine also accused Saudi Arabia of inciting the Lebanese against each other.

“I’ll convey a clear message to the United States, Saudi Arabia, and their supporters inside Lebanon that should never undermine our resistance movement,” Safideddine said, adding they are capable of achieving a sovereign, free and independent homeland.

The statement came in response to the Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz remarks, which had recently called on the Lebanese leaders to stop the hegemony of the terrorist Hezbollah.

Saudi’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Walid Bukhari, defended against the allegations and accused Hezbollah of being a threat to Arab national security.

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