Half of All Ethnic Minority Students Harassed at Glasgow University, Report Finds

Half of Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) students at the University of Glasgow have faced harassment more than twice since they started their studies in the campus, the university’s own report showed.

Prompted by the Equality and Human Right’s Commission’s 2019 study into racism in universities across the United Kingdom, the University of Glasgow report found out that half of all its ethnic minority students have experienced harassment between two and five times since the beginning of their studies.

The report also found that more than a quarter of the 500 BAME students who took part in the survey said that the university had “a serious problem with racism.”

One in 20 students also reported over 20 separate incidents of harassment, the report revealed.

The report found out that “coded forms of racism were more prevalent than overt racism” among staff after conducting in-depth interviews with 20 ethnic minority staff.

“Such coded but persistent racial harassment has a corrosive and scarring effect on the physical and mental health of ethnic minority staff,” the university said.

The report also found evidence of structural disadvantage facing BAME students and staff, including no representation in three of the major decision-making bodies of the University – Senior Management Group, Court, and Senate.

The university also published an action plan to tackle racism within the campus as part of the report, which includes a zero tolerance policy to racial harassment on campus.

“While we recognize that tackling racism remains a problem for society at large, to be the institution we aspire to be, the university is clear that we must act and act decisively. This report and the accompanying action plan offers us a way forward to deliver real and meaningful change,” Vice-Chancellor Professor Sir Anton Muscatelli said.

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