Haitian Migrants Camped at Del Rio Texas Released into the US

U.S. officials said that a large number of Haitian migrants camped into a small Texas border town are being allowed in the United States despite the Biden administration’s order to expel the migrants.

The Associated Press reported that one of the two U.S. officials who anonymously divulged the information had said that the Haitians have been released on a “very, very large scale”. 

The source also added that notices have been sent out for the migrants to present themselves at immigration offices within 60 days, which takes lesser processing time from Border Patrol agents than showing up in immigration courts. 

The Border Patrol processed migrants transported by the Homeland Security Department from Del Rio to El Paso, Laredo, and Rio Grande Valley along the Texas border, and added flights to Tucson, Arizona this week. 

Another anonymous U.S. official said that a large number of Haitians were not placed on expulsion flights to Haiti and are instead processed under immigration regulations, but the source did not specify how many.

The U.S. releases have transpired despite a call to reject the Haitians due to a pandemic-related regulation that prevents from seeking shelter in the country. 

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