Haiti Installs new PM as Claude Joseph Steps Down

Haiti has appointed Ariel Henry as the new prime minister, less than two weeks after President Jovenel Moise was assassinated.

The country’s acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph, said earlier this week that he would step down “for the good of the nation” after he met with international diplomats over the weekend.

Henry, a prominent neurosurgeon backed by the U.S. said his main goal in his new role is to organize the upcoming elections three months from now.

“The main goal is elections. This council cannot organize elections. The people don’t trust them. The political parties don’t trust them. It’s obvious,” said Henry.

Henry said that he and his soon-to-be-appointed ministers would not be running in the upcoming elections.

Henry added that he will try to fix the political rifts in the country and meet with various sectors.

“It is in the context of extreme polarisation … that we must find and implement a lasting solution to the multifaceted crisis with which we are confronted,” said Henry.

Despite Henry’s plans, he still faced opposition from Democratic and Popular Sector who called him a puppet of the international community.

“This step is only a political provocation that will add fuel to the fire and push the country further into crisis,” said the Democratic and Popular Sector.

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