Hackers Suspected to Have Used Twitch to Launder $10M

Turkish streamers have exposed a scheme in the live streaming platform Twitch that hackers allegedly used to launder almost $10 million of stolen funds.

Last month, an anonymous hacker leaked Twitch’s source code, exposing internal data including user payout information, where users from Turkey found a suspected money laundering ring.

The Turkish community found that some streamers that had only about 50 viewers earned thousands of dollars daily through Bits, Twitch’s monetization system.

It is alleged that hackers laundered money stolen through credit card fraud by negotiating deals with Twitch streamers. The hackers would pay streamers through Bits, and the streamers would then refund 80 percent of the money to various bank accounts.

Twitch has confirmed that it will take action against 150 Turkish users for abuse of their monetization tools.

“We take efforts to combat and prevent financial fraud on Twitch,” the company told gaming blog Dexerto, adding that it will “continue to identify and remove any broadcasters found to have engaged in financial practices that are in violation of local laws or Twitch policies.”

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