Hackers Have Stolen Data from 500 million LinkedIn User Accounts and Sold it Online

Researchers at cyber security news outlet CyberNews have found user data from over 500 million LinkedIn users being sold online.

An archive of user data pulled from LinkedIn has been put up for sale on a forum regularly frequented by hackers, with 2 million of these records leaked by the seller as proof for the sale.

The data pulled from LinkedIn contains users real name, email addresses, phone numbers, workplace information, and a host of other data. Users on the forums may purchase access to the 2 million leaked records for around $2.

The author of the leak appears to be selling the additional 500 million records, and has asked for a 4-digit minimum price point. CyberNews could not confirm whether the author had personally stolen this data or if it had been part of a larger breach earlier in the year.

The sale of the data will presumably be done via a cryptocurrency transaction according to CyberNews.

Users on LinkedIn are recommended to check their financial information and to consider changing their passwords for any accounts connected to the site.

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