Google Play to Require Developers to Explain Use of Consumer Data

Google has implemented a policy that will require app developers to disclose the use of user data to customers, as well as provide them with information about how that app collects data.

The “pre-announcement” last Thursday was posted to the Android developers blog and outlines the new requirements by Google Play for all app developers on their platform.

Developers will be required to tell users about how their data is used in addition to the app’s encryption protocols, the app’s Families settings/policies, data sharing options, the safety of the app and a new feature that will allow user to request data deletion.

This follows Apple’s new policy it announced at the end of 2020, which similarly forces app developers to disclose exactly what information they take and use.

Apple’s system will allow for the identification of third party ad software and software development kits (SDK) designed to up revenue. It will also show users exactly how much of their personal information is being provided.

Google’s system will operate in much the same way, asking developers to give users an idea of what data is being used and specifically how it is used.

The pre-announcement slates the release of these new requirements across Google play to be implemented by quarter two of 2022.

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