Ghazni Falls to the Taliban, Governor Betrays Government

The Taliban has taken control of Ghazni, the capital of Ghazni province after its defenders fell and the governor handed the city over in exchange for his life.

Ghazni provincial council head  Nasir Ahmad Faqiri said that all defending forces were either killed, routed, or captured, except one unit of the Afghan intelligence and police. 

The Taliban also claimed that the governor’s office, police headquarters, and prison are all under their control. 

Ghazni’s Governor Dawood Laghmani was later arrested with his colleagues in Wardak after they deserted their posts in for their own safety. 

Ghazni is the 10th provincial capital the Taliban has captured in roughly a week as they continue moving towards Kabul. 

At the rate the Taliban is advancing, the US 30-90 day forecast of Kabul’s capture could happen even sooner. 

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