Germany to Offer Free COVID-19 Vaccinations to All Adults From June 7

German Health Minister Jens Spahn announced on May 17 that Germany would offer free COVID-19 vaccinations to all adults aged over 16 years starting from June 7.

Spahn said that Germany would lift its prioritization of the most vulnerable groups in its COVID-19 vaccination campaign by June 7 because it would have run its course by then, as 70% of those aged over 60 had already received at least one dose of the vaccine while a quarter have already been fully vaccinated.

“This means that the vaccination campaign will continue to accelerate. And we reach those who previously had no easy access to a vaccination appointment,” Spahn told reporters in Berlin.

However, Spahn also acknowledged that not everyone seeking the shots will be vaccinated immediately on June 7 or for the entire month of June due to ongoing logistical and supply obstacles.

“We will also need patience in this pandemic phase. Everyone gets a vaccination — but we need the time until the end of summer to make everyone an offer,” Spahn said.

Officials were also already discussing when and how to authorize COVID-19 vaccinations for adolescents aged between 12 to 16 years, Spahn said.

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