Germany Threatens to Ban Telegram

German Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) has threatened to ban the Telegram chat service.

According to Faeser, Telegram is disregarding the German Network Enforcement Acta and has allowed extremists to plan illegal activities on their platform.

“We cannot rule that out per se either. Switching off would be very serious and clearly the last resort. All other options must have been unsuccessful beforehand,” said Faeser.

Faeser said Telegram has already received a warning letter from the Federal Ministry of Justice.

German Justice Minister Marco Buschmann said Telegram could be fined millions of euros if they do not respond.

Telegram has been accused of harboring extremists and as a staging platform for anti-vaccination and COVID-restriction activities.

Faeser added that they are asking for the cooperation of other EU nations to regulate Telegram.

“Because we don’t have a chance on our own. Today Telegram is in Dubai, tomorrow maybe in the Cayman Islands. We will need a lot of strength to enforce the law. As a German nation-state, we cannot do it alone,” said Faeser.

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