Germany Court Sentences Iraqi Jihadist to Life Imprisonment Over Yazidi Genocide

A court in Frankfurt, Germany, announced a life-term jail period to an Iraqi Jihadist for his involvement against the genocide of Yazidi minority.

Taha Al-Jumailly, 29, was found guilty of genocide, crimes against humanity resulting in death, war crimes, aiding and abetting war crimes and bodily harm resulting in death after joining Islamic State militants in 2013.

The Yazidis, a Kurdish-speaking group in northern Iraq have been persecuted by IS militants for years.

In May, the UN special investigators reported that they had collected clear and convincing evidence of genocide by IS against the Yazidis.

“This is a historical moment for the Yazidi community,” Natia Navrouzov, a lawyer and member of the NGO Yazda, which gathers evidence of crimes committed by IS against the Yazidis, told AFP ahead of the verdict. 

“It is the first time in Yazidi history that a perpetrator stands in a court of law for genocide charges,” she said.

According to the prosecutors, Al-Jumailly and his ex-wife, a German woman named Jennifer Wenisch, “purchased” a Yazidi woman and child as household slaves while living in then IS-occupied Mosul in 2015.

Germany is hosting a large Yazidi community.

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