Germany Anticipates Surge in COVID-19 Cases Over Holiday Period

Germany’s Health Minister, Karl Lauterbach said Friday that the proportion of COVID-19 infections with the new omicron variant will increase sharply during holiday times.

Mr. Lauterbach called on the people to take steps to avoid infection during Christmas festivities.

“The proportion of omicron cases will rise VERY strongly in the coming days,” Lauterbach wrote on Twitter.

He acknowledged there would be delays in local health offices reporting figures over the holidays but said, “We are still keeping an eye on developments.”

“Please avoid infections during the celebrations. Even the vaccinated should test themselves,” Lauterbach added.

According to the country’s national disease control center, Germany had 3,198 COVID-19 cases attributed to omicron as of Wednesday, a 25 percent increase from the previous day. The disease control center said Thursday that of those people, 48 were hospitalized and one died.

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