Germany Announces Disarmament of Far-Right Extremists

German interior minister, Nancy Faeser announced a 10-point plan to combat far-right extremism in the country including the disarmament of far-right extremists and tightening gun laws.

According to Faesar, disarming extremists equated to “taking away the space for contempt for humanity and to remove the breeding ground for violence,”

Faeser said they would primarily focus on rooting out far-right extremism in government agencies, including the police and armed forces. 

German Intelligence agency chief Thomas Haldenwang said that they were concerned over the growing number of radicals nationally after registering more than 13,300 right-wing extremists who they classify as potentially violent.

Haldenwang dismissed the notion that far-right extremism has grown after the Russian invasion of Ukraine and that some who went there have not joined the fighting and would not return to train their compatriots. 

“And in these specific cases, we do not assume that they actually took part in any combat operations,” said Haldenwang.

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