German Rescue Ship with 800 Migrants Onboard reaches Italy

A German humanitarian ship carrying over 800 rescued migrants, including 15  young children, arrived in a Sicilian port on Sunday following getting approval from Italian authorities after days of waiting in the Mediterranean Sea.

It was reported that Rise Above, another rescue ship operated by the NGO Mission Lifeline, arrived first and discovered numerous migrants in the sea without life jackets, at least one of whom had to be resuscitated in a lifeboat.

Interior Minister Luciana Lamorgese reaffirmed Italy’s repeated demands for other nations to bear responsibility for migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa.

Since more than a million refugees and migrants arrived in Europe over the Mediterranean six years ago, the EU has tightened asylum regulations and its external borders, and it has struck accords with countries such as Turkey and Libya to let individuals stay elsewhere along the worldwide routes.

Sea-Eye claimed its ship was currently on its route to Lampedusa, Italy’s extreme southernmost island, to await assignment to a secure port. Lampedusa is a major landing site for individuals attempting to enter Europe from Africa.

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