France’s Constitutional Council Approves Health Pass, More Protests Held

The French constitutional council has adopted contentious proposals that will require health permits to enter restaurants and other places beginning next week.

The health pass is a QR code that shows whether the individual is completely vaccinated, recently recovered from COVID-19, or tested negative.

The council determined that the regulations were acceptable in the name of “balanced conciliation” between the needs of health protection and individual liberties.

The council also authorized mandatory vaccinations for healthcare professionals and other professions that come into touch with vulnerable people.

They have until September 15 to provide proof of one vaccine shot and until October 15 to show proof of complete immunization.

Tens of thousands of protestors have taken to the streets of France in recent weeks, claiming that the restrictions constitute an assault on their freedom.

The constitutional judges also deemed the mandatory 10-day isolation for those with COVID to be neither “necessary, appropriate, or proportionate,” as it constitutes a measure depriving people of their liberty “without an individual decision based on an assessment by the administrative or judicial authority.”

France’s Prime Minister Jean Castex said that he had “taken note” of the decision, adding that “the public authorities will endeavor to remind all persons suffering from COVID-19, including those who are asymptomatic, of the necessity to strictly adhere to the medical instructions on isolation.”

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