Former Russian TV Journalist Who Protested War Found Guilty of ‘Discrediting’ Army

A Russian court found former Russian TV journalist Marina Ovsyannikova, who protested against the invasion of Ukraine during a live broadcast, guilty of “discrediting” the country’s armed forces.

An administrative court in Moscow fined Ovsyannikova 50,000 rubles ($802) over comments she made about the war on social media.

Russia passed a law against “discrediting” its army in early March, shortly after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine.

“The evidence confirms Ovsyannikova’s guilt. There is no reason to doubt its authenticity,” the judge said after the short hearing, as quoted by Sky News.

Ovsyannikova told the court that the trial was “absurd” and was designed to “intimidate all the people who oppose the war” in Russia.

“Your accusations are like accusing me of spreading monkeypox,” Ovsyannikova said.

Ovsyannikova said at the hearing that she would not retract her comments regarding the war.

“The beginning of this war is the biggest crime of our government,” Ovsyannikova said.

Ovsyannikova said she will appeal the fine.

“They haven’t managed to intimidate me. I will keep coming out against the war as I have before,” Ovsyannikova told reporters outside the hearing.

Ovsyannikova is due in court again next month in a separate case on the same charges relating to her social media posts.

Ovsyannikova made international headlines in March when she stormed a live broadcast on state-controlled Channel One news, where she worked at the time, and protested against the invasion.

Ovsyannikova was fired from her job and was fined 30,000 rubles ($481) after what she said was 14 hours of questioning by authorities.

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