Former Green Beret Stays Behind to Evacuate Afghan Refugees

Retired Green Beret, Army Lt. Colonel Scott Mann has stayed behind in Afghanistan to help evacuates Afghans at risk of getting killed by the Taliban.

Mann along with other Afghan war vets have been helping Afghan Special Forces Members escape Afghanistan with their “Pineapple Express” missions before the US ended its troop pullout.

Since the last US plane has left Afghanistan, it is now impossible to evacuate by air after the Taliban took over the Taliban airport. 

“We’re not going anywhere. We’re going to stay on it until either the government comes in and responsibly takes it away from us and we feel confident that they’re going to do it, or we get them,” Mann told Daily Mail. 

Mann and the other Pineapple Express members have rescued 700 to 750 Afghans so far while hundreds or even thousands more are still believed to be hiding from the Taliban.

“We are playing the long game. We plan on being here for a while so that is why any support people can really give to Task Force Pineapple it would be really beneficial moving ahead,” said former U.S. Army Green Beret Zac Lois who also joined Mann. 

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