Foreign Correspondents Slam Treatment During Beijing Games

The Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCCC) of China has complained about the treatment of journalists covering the Beijing Winter Games.

“The Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China (FCCC) is dismayed that the conditions for independent reporting in China continue to fall short of international standards during the Winter Olympic Games,” said the FCCC.

According to the FCCC, the government regularly interfered with their coverage and was subjected to online trolling and abuse.

There were also incidents where reporters were barred from interviewing athletes while a Den Daas,  Dutch correspondent was manhandled by Chinese authorities while he was on air. 

“The FCCC urges the Chinese authorities to uphold their own stated rules on accredited foreign press in China: namely, to allow journalists to book and conduct their own interviews without threat of state interference and to report freely in public areas. Unfortunately, neither rule was enforced at a time when global attention was trained on China more than ever,” added the FCCC.

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