Florida to Sue U.S. Center for Disease Control, Federal Government to Allow Cruises to Resume

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state of Florida is suing the federal government and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to allow the cruise industry to get back in operation again.

“Today Florida’s fighting back. We’re filing a lawsuit against the federal government and the CDC, demanding that our cruise ships be reopened immediately,” said DeSantis.

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said Florida has filed a lawsuit Thursday morning against the CDC, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and the Biden Administration to lift the dry-docking of the cruise industry.

The Floridan cruise industry shut down last March during the onset of the pandemic and has not allowed any cruises to resume.

The CDC has not yet lifted its no-sail order but added new guidelines for cruise lines, saying ships must make test voyages, implement routine coronavirus testing and develop a strategy to vaccinate crews.

The CDC also announced that fully vaccinated people can travel within the US but has not yet mentioned cruises.

As a result of the no-sail order, Florida’s three ports Miami, Port Canaveral, and Port Everglades have not made any revenue since last year.

DeSantis and Moody said the cruise industry shutdown continued to harm the livelihood of tens of thousands of state residents.

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