Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Locks Out All News Organization Besides Fox News from Bill Signing

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has locked out all other news organizations besides Fox News for the signing of a controversial elections bill.

According to Madeline Montgomery of CBS 12 news, reporters were told that the signing was a Fox News exclusive and other news organizations, including local news outlets, were not permitted to enter.

Montgomery posted on Twitter, “We’ve been at the Hilton since 4 this morning, only to be told we can’t go in to hear the governor speak or sign the elections bill” at 8:30 this morning.

CBS 12 reporter Jay O’Brien retweeted the coverage and posted to Twitter saying, “News is not allowed into the event where @GovRonDeSantis will sign a controversial elections bill into law, per @MadelineTV who is outside. We were a pool camera, assigned to feed this event to affiliates nationwide. Now, the only camera will be Fox News.”

Montgomery posted pictures of the event, showing DeSantis taking the stage as well as members of the crowd cheering for the governor upon his arrival. Most of the audience were not wearing masks in the photos.

The event was shown live on Fox and Friends this morning, with DeSantis signing the bill and then exiting the facility.

Upon leaving, CBS 12 reporter Danielle Waugh asked the governor why there was secrecy surrounding the signing of the bill. In response, DeSantis said, “It wasn’t secret, it was on national TV.”

The bill in question is a new election law that would reduce the amount of time ballot drop boxes would remain open in Florida and that all ballot drop boxes would be supervised by election officials.

Republican constituents see the bill as a safe-guard against the supposed election fraud against former President Donald Trump, while Democrats see the bill as a way to keep voters from casting their ballots.

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