Fatal Atlanta warrant serving kills 2 deputies

The Cobb County Sheriff’s office in Georgia has confirmed a shooting incident that left two of their deputies dead while they were executing a warrant on Thursday night.

Sheriff Craig D. Owens stated in a press conference that the two deputies were attempting to execute a warrant for failure to appear for theft by fraud.

Owens said the deputies returned to their car after knocking and ringing the doorbell of the suspect’s home but receiving no response.

A different vehicle, which the deputies mistook for the suspect, pulled up to the home as they were getting back into their car. 

Shots were fired, Owens added, as the deputies prepared to get out of their car.

The county sheriff didn’t say whether the deputies fired back or if both suspects fired shots.

The names of the two deputies, who have both been with the department for more than five years, won’t be made public until after their entire families have been informed.

As the Cobb County Police Department has taken over the investigation into the shooting, they have also started questioning the two suspects that were now in their custody.

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