Facebook Reportedly Ignored Brazilian Election Misinformation Content

Human rights group Global Witness reported that Facebook ignored misinformation content related to this year’s presidential election in Brazil.

According to the Global Witness report, Facebook failed to identify purposely placed falsified information, such as the wrong election date, about the upcoming Brazilian election.

The report elaborated that Global Witness uploaded ten Brazilian Portuguese-language Facebook ads in total, five of which contained incorrect election information and five of which sought to undermine the legitimacy of the political process, all of which were approved.

“Given the high stakes nature of the Brazilian election, Facebook is failing in its efforts to adequately protect Brazilians from a disinformation nightmare,” wrote Global Witness.

Global Witness said that the approval of the ads also violated Facebook owner Meta’s policies for election ads by approving them despite the fact that they were posted from Nairobi and London through Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

“What’s quite clear from the results of this investigation and others is that their content moderation capabilities and the integrity systems that they deploy in order to mitigate some of the risk during election periods, it’s just not working,” said Jon Lloyd, senior advisor at Global Witness.

The most widely used social media network in the nation is Facebook, and Meta previously claimed to have “prepared extensively for the 2022 election in Brazil.”

Meta said that it is “closely collaborating with Brazilian authorities and researchers” to identify harmful content related to the upcoming presidential election.

Brazil will hold its national elections on October 2 in the midst of heightened tensions and rampant misinformation.

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