Evacuation Ordered at St. Vincent as La Soufrière Volcano Nears Eruption

Authorities on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent have called for an immediate evacuation as the La Soufriere volcano is poised to erupt.

Emergency management teams on St. Vincent have switched alert levels to red and have prepared to evacuate people who are in danger zones, putting them on cruise ships and taking them to nearby islands for refuge.

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves held a press conference last night to discuss strategy and assure citizens that they were working towards a solution.

Gonsalves told the public that only vaccinated individuals would be allowed to board cruise ships and that “Nothing is going to be perfect,” but that the government would do the best that it could to protect its citizens.

The cruise ships are being sourced by Royal Caribbean and Carnival cruise lines. Four are expected to arrive today with an additional ship arriving in the coming days.

Gonsalves has asked his citizens not to panic and has called it “the worst thing to do”. 

Seismic activity was observed near the volcano, causing government officials on St. Vincent to raise the threat level for eruption on Wednesday. The volcano last erupted in 1979, and prior to that in 1902. The eruption in 1902 killed 1,600 people. 

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