EU Pulls Brazilian Beef Products Linked to Deforestation from Shelves

Several supermarket chains across Europe have announced they will stop selling some or all-beef products originating in Brazil because of concerns over links to deforestation in the Amazon rainforest.

The move came after a new investigation by Reporter Brasil, a Brazilian non-government organization, in partnership with a US activist group Mighty Earth, linking deforestation with Brazilian meat-processing giants. 

“This is a watershed moment because several huge supermarkets across Europe are saying an emphatic ‘No!’ to Brazilian beef over deforestation concerns,” Mighty Earth Europe Director Nico Muzi said. 

Muzi added that the announcement of the supermarket chains was not just a “vague commitment” but “a series of concrete commercial actions” to stop business transactions with “a company and a country that have made too many promises and have delivered too few results.” 

“Christmas has come early for the forests in the Amazon, the Brazilian Cerrado savannahs, and the Pantanal wetlands,” Muzi said. 

Repórter Brasil said it found “multiple examples of cattle laundering, beef processed by JBS at its slaughterhouses in low-deforestation areas such as São Paulo, but sourced from cattle raised and fed on farms officially sanctioned – and embargoed – for illegal deforestation in the Amazon rainforest, or tied to the destruction of the Cerrado woody savannah and the Pantanal tropical wetlands.”

Chains including Carrefour Belgium, Delhaize, and Auchan committed to removing Brazilian beef products from their shelves.

Products withdrawn include corned beef, beef jerky, and fresh prime cuts.

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