Embattled Uvalde School Police Chief Pete Arredondo Resigns from City Council

The Uvalde school district police chief, who was recently sworn in as a District 3 councilman, announced his resignation from the council.

Pete Arredondo made known his resignation in a letter he submitted to the Uvalde city mayor and the city secretary which various media entities reported.

Arredondo described his resignation as “the best decision for Uvalde”.

“As we continue to grieve over the tragedy that occurred on May 24th, we pray for the families involved and our community… As I think about my life, from growing up as a child to adulthood, Uvalde has held an attraction that is very unique. At the center of that attraction, is our community members. Together, we will keep Uvalde strong. Uvalde strong, Uvalde home,” Arredondo said in a portion of his letter.

Shortly after hearing of Arredondo’s decision, representatives of the City of Uvalde spoke, calling his resignation “the proper thing to do.”

However, Arredondo didn’t notify his resignation to the city until late Saturday afternoon.

Arredondo, whose response to the shooting has drawn criticism from Uvalde locals and the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, was sworn in as a councilor on May 31.

Arredondo missed a special City Council meeting on Thursday and this was his third missed appointment since taking office.

According to a city charter, if Arredondo had skipped three meetings, a special election would have been held to vote him out.

The following council gathering is set for July 12.

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