Elon Musk, Brazil Discuss Monitoring Amazon Rainforest

Elon Musk met with the Brazilian government on Tuesday to discuss a partnership that will use SpaceX technology to monitor the Amazon rainforest and provide internet connectivity in rural areas.

Brazilian Communications Minister Fabio Faria said in Twitter that the country is looking for innovation companies that will invest in Brazil.

Faria wrote: “We want the country to be the Latin American innovation hub for 5G.”

In a video posted by Faria, Musk said that they are “looking forward to providing connectivity to basically the least served people in Brazil.”

Musk and Faria added that they are also looking into monitoring the Amazon rainforest for illegal logging and forest fires via satellite. More than 4,500 of SpaceX satellites could be used for the project, according to Faria.

Brazil had pledged to end deforestation by 2028 in the world’s largest rainforest during the Glasgow Climate Summit as the country receives heavy scrutiny over the rise in illegal logging in the area under the Bolsonaro government.

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