Egyptian trains Collide, 32 Dead, 91 Injured

At least 32 people have died and 66 injured after two trains collided north of Sohag City in Egypt.

The intensity of the collision caused three passenger cars to flip over and ejected passengers into the air. 

Footages from the crash site have shown debris and train passengers strewn around the trains with some conscious while others were not moving and have visible injuries.

The Egyptian Health Ministry said that 91 injured passengers have been reported so far and are receiving medical attention. 

Egypt’s railway authority explained that the collision occurred because the emergency brakes were triggered by “unknown individuals” which caused the leading train to stop suddenly in front of another engine following it. 

The public prosecutor’s office and railway authority ordered a probe on the incident,

“Anyone who caused this painful accident through negligence or corruption, or anything similar, must receive a deterrent punishment without exception or delay,” warned Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi.

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