Egyptian Human Rights Watchdog Disbands, Citing Government Pressure

The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI), which is the last organization supporting the free press in Egypt, announced on Tuesday that they have disbanded and ceased operations on Monday, citing government pressure.

According to ANHRI, the decision was made following the frequent arrests of human rights defenders, journalists and political activists.  

“Journalists have gone through violent physical assaults and illegal summons by the Egyptian authorities,” the ANHRI said in a statement.   

Gamal Eid, Executive Director of ANHRI said the origination has been closed but individually as lawyers and human rights defenders they will continue working as a team.

“As independent human rights defenders, we will work side by side for the protection of human rights,” Eid added.

ANHRI was founded by a team of lawyers and activists in 2004 with the sole aim to defend freedom of expression and the press in Egypt and the Arab world.

The ANHRI was engaged in providing legal defenses to victims of human rights violations, and it also documented violations against citizens, journalists, and political prisoners.

ANHRI suspended the mission at time when the Committee to Protect Journalists in its annual report in 2021 expressed concern about an uptick in crackdown on journalists and human rights organizations in Egypt.

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