Egyptian Army Kills Terrorist Leader Al-Zamli in North Sinai

The Egyptian army on Monday killed Hamza Al-Zamli, a major terrorist leader and some other militants in a counter-terrorism operation in Gelbana village in northern Sinai region.

Local news agency ahram reported that Sinai had witnessed several clashes between army forces and Islamic State (IS) terrorists in the last past few days.

The army killed Al-Zamli when he tried to plant explosive materials at the entrance of Gelbana village aimed at taking hostage the villagers and using them as human shields during the fight against  the security forces.     

Al-Zamli is originally from Palestine’s Zorob district south of the Gaza Strip and he fled in 2005 due to the siege of the strip by the Israeli forces.

The Hamas group also detained Al-Zamli on alleged charges of spying with the Israeli intelligence agency Massad.  

In 2015, Al-Zamli had reportedly joined IS terrorist group and become one of its so-called judges, and he also allegedly involved in an attack in Sinai’s Al-Rawda Mosque in 2017 that killed some 235 worshippers. The blast occurred during Friday prayers and hundreds more were wounded.

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