Egypt Detains 13 Teenagers For Harassing Female Tourists

Egyptian police detained 13 teenage boys on suspicion of harassing two female foreign tourists at the Giza Pyramids near the capital city Cairo.

Prosecutors said that the accused boys were between 13 and 15 years old and they are in custody and are pending on investigation.

“The boys would be held at a juvenile detention center,” the prosecution said in a statement.

A tourist guide who filmed the video, had complained about the boys verbally and physically harassing the two female tourists.

“In a short video clip, the guide complains that the Egyptian boys are running after the foreigners and he calls upon the Ministry of Tourism to be aware of it,” BBC reported.

The two female tourists were forced to flee the site after the boys approached them with holding mobiles at their hands. One of the women tried to push a boy away with her arms at one point.

The prosecutors did not disclose the name of the guide who complained as well as the 13-teenage boys.

The teenagers said they had wanted to take photos with the tourists and they had no intention to harm or physically abuse them.

The names and the identity of the two female tourists were also not revealed.

Egyptian women have recently been inspired by the MeToo movement to speak about their experiences of sexual harassment on social media.

Meanwhile, Egyptian authorities have been accused of failing to launch a thorough investigation on sexual harassment cases.

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