Dutch Regulator Finds Apple App Store Payment System Anti-Competitive

Sources said that a Dutch regulator has ruled that the required in-app commissions from Apple’s App Store are anti-competitive.

Apple has been the subject of multiple complaints over its App Store policy that charges commissions of up to 30 percent for payments made to software developers, in addition to prohibiting apps from bypassing the rule by accepting payment outside of the App Store.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has concluded its investigation that started in 2019 on Apple’s “abuse of dominance” through the App Store, although the decision is still under legal review.

While the ACM may not fine the American tech giant, it will demand that Apple change its in-app payment system, according to the sources.

Henk Don, board member of the ACM, said in 2019 that “to a large degree, app providers depend on Apple and Google for offering apps to users,” adding that they will investigate app developers’ complaints that Apple abuses such dependence.

The sources said that the Rotterdam District Court has made the proceedings unavailable to the public during Apple’s appeal, as per the request of the tech company.

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