Dutch Psychologist Says He Gave ‘Suicide Power’ to Over 100 People

A psychologist from the Netherlands has told a local newspaper that he gave “suicide powder” to over 100 people and that he wants to spark a public debate on Dutch laws on assisted dying.

Wim van Dijk, 78, told De Volkskrant that he gave a drug known as “Agent X” to over 100 people “who want to maintain control over their own end of life with the means to end life at the time of their choice in the future.”

Van Dijk said he was not worried that he could be jailed over his actions, insisting that the issue needed to be addressed.

“I want the social unrest to become so great that the judiciary cannot ignore it… I don’t really care if they arrest me or put me in jail,” van Dijk said.

While he declined to give a statement to the police when officers questioned him last week,  van Dijk said that he was telling his story publicly because he believes it was the best way to get the debate on the euthanasia law moving.

Van Dijk is a member of Coöperatie Laatste Wil, or the Last Will Cooperative, a group that calls for more liberal legislation on assisted dying and is currently under police investigation.

Van Dijk revealed in the interview that he got the drug from a man only named as Alex S, whom police arrested last July for allegedly selling the drug and who was also a member of the cooperative.

Van Dijk said that he joined the group months after his wife died from dementia.

“I want to honor her by doing this. I do this with an open mind, because otherwise nothing will happen,” Van Dijk said.

Assisted suicide carries a prison sentence of up to three years.

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