Dutch Court Sentences Syrian Man to 20 Years in Prison for Killing of Soldier

A Dutch court on Friday sentenced a Syrian rebel to 20 years in prison in prison after an investigation revealed his involvement in the fatal shooting of a government soldier during the civil war in Syria about a decade ago.

The court’s judges said Ahmad al Khedr, aka Abu Khuder, was a member of Nusra Front, a Salafi-jihadist rebel group that fought against the military forces of the government in the Syrian civil war.

According to authorities and judges, Al Khedr’s voice could be heard in a video that shows the final moments of a captured and bloodied Syrian trooper who was fatally shot on the banks of the Euphrates river in 2012.

“Executing an imprisoned foe by the accused is not only murder but also an egregious violation of the written and unwritten rules of international humanitarian law and universal human rights,” the judges said in their statement.

Dutch authorities also stressed that the charges filed against the Syrian rebel were based on the testimonies that several witnesses provided to the German police.

Al Khedr has been staying in the Netherlands since 2014, where he had been temporarily admitted to an asylum.

When compared to penalties given to those of previous cases with Syrian fighters, authorities said Al Khedr’s punishment was more severe because he was personally involved in the killing.

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