Dutch Boy Wins Court Battle for Right to Get COVID-19 Vaccine Despite Vaccine-Sceptic Father’s Refusal

A 12-year-old boy in the Netherlands has won a court battle to get the COVID-19 vaccine to visit his dying grandmother despite his vaccine-skeptic father’s refusal.

A court in the northern Dutch city of Groningen ruled in favor of the unnamed boy who argued that getting vaccinated would decrease his chances of passing on an infection to his grandmother.

Judge Bart Tromp granted the boy permission to get vaccinated “shortly” because his interests were more important than his father’s concerns.

The boy wanted to spend as much time as he could with his grandmother who had metastatic lung cancer and was in the final stages of her life, court documents said.

The vaccines have been approved for children aged 12 to 17 years in the Netherlands, but they need permission from both parents.

In this case, the boy’s parents are divorced and while the mother agreed to the boy’s wishes, the father did not.

Under Dutch law, the judge should rule in the best interests of a child if the parents cannot agree.

According to court documents cited by news outlets, the boy brought the case to court because he “found it difficult to talk to his father and felt his pleas were not being heard.”

The father claimed that the vaccines “were still in a test phase” and posed “great risks for the reproductive organs in the long term,” the court documents said.

However, the judge ruled that the father’s concerns had no scientific basis.

The judge made the ruling last Sept. 21, but it was only released on Sept. 23.

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