Dubai Police Arrest Man Over Fake Facebook Advertisement Robbery

An African expatriate was arrested in Dubai for allegedly robbing and insulting an Asian man using a fake Facebook advertisement.

Khaleej Times reported that a 35-year-old African expatriate posted an announcement on Facebook of a massage center in the Al Barsha area in downtown Dubai city and then robbed the owner with his friends after going to the establishment. 

“The victim was assaulted and forcefully locked inside the apartment and his wallet and phone were snatched,” Khaleej Times reported.

The robbers reportedly came back after a few hours and returned the victim’s wallet and phone but handcuffed him and left the apartment

The victim managed to open his handcuffs by chance when he found a piece of metal and managed to free himself then immediately informed the police.

Dubai police said that during the investigation they found that the robbers withdrew Dh600 using the victim’s bank card and also purchased six items from a store amounting to Dh 66,000

Dubai police did not mention the name of the victim or suspects but said they have started a manhunt for the friends of the expatriate.

The African man was ordered to pay a fine of Dh67,000 and also sentenced to three years in jail.

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