Drone Attacks on US Base in Iraq Foiled

A US official confirmed that the Iraqi Defense Forces have shot down two explosive-laden drones on Tuesday as they approached the Ain Al Asad airbase, hosting US forces in the west of Baghdad.

An unnamed official of the US-led international military coalition told Reuters that Iraqi defense force also foiled a similar attack on Monday after they downed another two drones fired to target a base hosting US forces near Baghdad’s international airport.

The AhlulBayt News Agency reported that the Al-Omar oil field base, used by American forces in eastern Syria, was also struck by missile and mortar attacks on Monday, 

Local sources said columns of smoke rose and the sound of explosions have been heard following the missile and artillery attacks, it added.

The report did not comment on the number of casualties.

The US has 28 military bases in northern and eastern parts of Syria,.



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