Doctors Without Borders Reports that 90 Migrants Have Drowned off the Mediterrenean

At least 90 migrants fleeing North Africa drowned in the Mediterranean Sea after their overcrowded boat capsized.

According to Doctors without Borders (MSF) the migrant vessel spent many days at sea before running into difficulties due to harsh weather conditions.

The four individuals that remained alive from the capsized migrant ship were rescued early Saturday by a commercial tanker, the Alegria 1.

The identities of those who died are unknown while the Alegria 1 crew has not revealed the names of those who survived.

The International Organization for Migration has designated 2021 as the deadliest year for migration routes into and out of Europe, last year, at least 1,315 individuals died crossing the central Mediterranean.

Italy is the primary destination for migrants trying to reach European territory by boat from Libya and Tunisia since the political crises in 2011.

Arrivals to Italy has increased dramatically, with a record 181,000 people coming in 2016.

MSF has called on the Italian government for further assistance in helping the survivors of the capsized ship reach safer shores. 

“We ask the Italian authorities to provide a place of safety as soon as possible,” said MSF.  

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