Digital Bank Starling Boycotts Meta Over Scam Ads

A British fintech company, Starling Bank, has said it is boycotting Facebook and Instagram advertising platforms to protect its customers from scammers.

Starling Bank Chief Executive Anne Boden said the boycott was for the lack of action of Meta, parent company of Facebook, against fraudulent advertising compared to fellow internet giant Google.

“We want to protect our customers and our brand integrity. And we can no longer pay to advertise on a platform alongside scammers who are going after the savings of our customers and those of other banks,” Boden said.

Meta responded by saying it was dedicating significant resources to tackling the issue of scams on and off its platforms.

However, Boden feared that Meta’s founder Mark Zuckerberg could lose sight of tackling scam ads when the company’s focus is on ‘Metaverse.’

“While Facebook may hold out all sorts of promises for the future, I really hope its focus on the Metaverse doesn’t become a distraction from doing what is right today, here and now in the UK of 2022,” Boden added.

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