Danish Intelligence Chief Detained over Alleged Data Leaks

Danish Defence Intelligence Service (DSIS/PET) chief Lars Findsen was detained for allegedly leaking classified material.

Findsen has been suspended since August 2020 after an oversight board criticized the intelligence agency’s alleged collection of citizen’s data which was supposedly shared with foreign agencies. 

Last December 9, 2021, the Danish government announced that four PET employees had been arrested for leaks but did not mention that Findsen was among them. 

The exact charge against Findsen is still undisclosed while his trial proceedings have not been made public.

“I want the charges brought forward and I plead not guilty. This is completely insane, and you can quote me for that,” said Findsen. 

Las January 4, at least seven national security reporters were summoned as witnesses in a leak investigation but were not informed why. 

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