Cyprus Alarmed Over Syrian Oil Spill

The Cypriot government has raised concerns over the oil slick from the Baniyas oil refinery in Syria nearing their island’s east coast.

According to Europe’s Sentinel-1 satellite, the oil spill is continuously spreading across the Mediterranean Sea into Cyprus. 

Cyprus Mail reported that the oil slick can cover the shores of Apostolos Andreas, Famagusta district, and Protaras.

“Going by the latest simulation model tracking the spread of the oil spill, as well as current meteorological data, it is estimated that the spill will affect Cape Apostolos Andreas over the next 24 hours,” said the Cypriot fisheries department.

Turkish vice president Fuat Oktay said that they are doing what they can to prevent the oil slick from reaching the Karpas coast and that they are using air and sea units of the Turkish Coast Guard to monitor the spill. 

“We are taking the necessary measures by mobilizing every means available that we have without giving any chance to the spill to turn into an environmental disaster,” said Oktay.

Syrian officials downplayed the extent of the spill and said that cleanups were already underway while the situation at the plant was already under control. 

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