Chinese Anime Fan Claims Police Interrogated Her for Wearing Kimono

A Chinese anime fan has claimed that police interrogated and detained her after wearing a traditional Japanese dress to pose for photos.

The woman, who goes by the handle “Is Shadow Not Self,” said on Weibo on Sunday that she and her photographer were waiting in line for a snack on Wednesday evening in Huaihai street when Chinese police surrounded them.

The woman said that Chinese police objected to her kimono, which she wore with a long blonde wig as a cosplay of the main character in “Summer Time Rendering,” a Japanese manga series.

In a video the woman posted on Weibo, she can be heard explaining to an officer that she was doing a photo shoot.

“If you come here wearing Hanfu, I wouldn’t say this. But you are wearing a kimono, as a Chinese. You are a Chinese! Are you,” the police officer said in response.

The woman said she was questioned at a police station for about five hours until 1 AM, where authorities searched her phone, deleted her photos, and confiscated her kimono.

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