China Battles New COVID-19 Surge as Winter Olympic Games Draw Near

China faces another COVID-19 surge as the Beijing Winter Olympics is coming.

Chinese authorities have placed the country under strict stay-at-home protocol as the COVID-19 cases increase in China.

Residents of Beijing were instructed not to leave the city unless essential. However, regular bus service remains in opetation.

On Monday, China reported 39 new cases, increasing to over 100 in the last week.

Xu Hejian, vice minister of Beijing’s publicity department, advised the public to avoid mass gatherings.

Due to the COVID-19 surge, the organizers of the Olympics have postponed the event at which 30,000 people were expected to join on October 31.

Organizers said that the postponement of the event was for the safety of the attendees.

“In order to prevent the risk of the epidemic spreading (and) effectively protect the health and safety of the majority of runners, staff, and residents,” organizers said.

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